Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Real Talk.

I’m far from the happiest person but I like to promote positivity. (As best as I could). I read, I listen, I acknowledge, and I rewrite. Most the time I’m down as shit but hey that’s just shit I have to get over/ trying to get over. I asked my mother what she wants for Christmas and she said nothing but her health. Something we should all want. We should practice loving ourselves and loving each other. Who else is going to do these things? It’s sad that on a daily basis we’re constantly putting each other down on some immature/ignorant/closed minded/arrogant shit. We are living, growing and learning with time. It’s all an experience why can’t it be a joyous one? I know, I know everything isn’t a walk in the park…but you get what I’m saying. Fruck man stop screwing with a fucked mind state. Spread the love.

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Anonymous said...

I like love, love smells great.