Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Did you know that she has potential to do anything she wants? Anything at all. She's beautiful. She's brilliant but vaguely unaware. Most of the time she's in denial. They are all in denial. This isn't about me,you or anyone. This is about the whole and the bits & pieces. The precious skin we are within. It's true. You know? The ones you least expect to love you with every molecule they posses...are infatuated from a distance. Sometimes the distance is abridged. Now what do you do? You runaway of course. They say secrets aren't meant to be kept between lovers, but some people have graves and closets spilling over. I can picture it all and it's all a fantasy within my realm. Don't worry child you'll be alright. As soon as you hit puberty it becomes clear(er). From the very second you walk into the room and not a word is spoken, until pinnacle of all the highest mountain top you reach, you can have it all. Do you want it? She's so unsure and uncertain.

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