Tuesday, April 12, 2011

until 12am

until the ink runs out -
until the soul is no longer in stitches -
until the pain melts away -
until hope is restored and love is reborn beneath a banana tree.
Happiness is bananas.
Momma said that things will manifest at the right moment!
I will hold on and believe and live for the love within me.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

songs for bitches.

Fruck! I think you’re beautiful. I believe you’re absolutely stunning. Sometimes when i’m stressed or depressed as shit, it’s your illuminating smile I dream of BITCH. I believe you were hand picked and sculpted into perfection, by the universe itself no interception. Everyday I meditate and in my deep form of relaxation, it’s your sweet touch of tenderness that’s so captivating. Teddy pendergrass believed it…’Life is a song worth singing’ and baby my diaphragm is screaming. Al green felt it; A womans love so strong and heart so weak, she snaps and now the casket speaks. But I understand you’re not ready for love, but who’s asking? Bitch I demand your hand in marriage. Now accept this 24 carrot. Excuse my language but you’re driving me crazy. Why aren’t you try’na give me the time of day sweet lady? Maybe I’m not good enough and maybe I should give up - this bitch ain’t try’na share this love up in my cup. FRUCK!