Wednesday, August 20, 2008


They are each others sister.
They are each others company.
They are each others shoulder to lean & cry on.
They are a Sisterhood.
They are each others inner thoughts.
They are each others feelings.
They are each others dreams.
They are a Sisterhood.
They are each others eyes.
They are each others brains.
They are each others hearts.
They are a Sisterhood.
They are each others tears.
They are each others fears.
They are each others blood.
They are a Sisterhood.
Bonded by love.
They are a sisterhood.
Bonded by hope.
They are a sisterhood.
Bonded by lies.
They are a sisterhood.
Bonded by life.
They are a sisterhood.
They are a sisterhood.
They are a sisterhood.

Never to be tamed & beaten down by THE MAN or any MAN.
They are a SISTERHOOD.
Stronger than ever...ready to go to war.
They are a SISTERHOOD.

-& may ualways remember the SISTERHOOD.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Emotionally Attached

Once upon a time there was this boy named Tom & this girl named Ginger.
Tom & Ginger met thru a couple friends and so they became good friends.
Ginger was in a relationship & Tom was single ready to mingle.
Ginger & Tom texted each other a lot....than texting turned into late night phone calls.
Tom & Ginger also began to hang out a lot.
Both Ginger & Tom started catching feelings for each other.
All the time they hung out Ginger & Tom would kiss.
Ginger knew what she was doing was dishonorable because she was already in a relationship.
Tom really wanted Ginger to be his instead of the next dude's because he really started catching strong feelings for her. He even started to LOVE her.
Tom & Ginger started getting into arguments.
Tom really wanted Ginger for himself. =/
Ginger really liked Tom. She really did but she wasn't in LOVE with him.
She LOVED her boyfriend.
She really didn't want to break toms heart...but he just didn't get it.
He didn't understand why she couldn't be his & that they can only remain friends.
Shortly after their argument Tom stopped speaking to Ginger because of the pain he felt.
Ginger didn't want that to happen but she figured it was for the best.

Lessons learned;

1. Men are the new women. They cry & b*tch more than we do and its a shame.
Tom knew the situation from the beginning..he knew that Ginger had a man but he still became emotionally attached to her. =/
I know how Tom feels it hurts it really does when the one person u have a liking for or actually love u can't have. It hurts...but u will get over it. Trust.

2. If u know that your in a relationship already do not lead other people on and toy with their emotions. Its not cool and the person really ends up hurt even heart broken. You may lose a really good friend. Also this person may dislike u afterwards maybe even HATE you. Your the monster in the end. But in the end the person will move on.

-Boysguysmen need to MANtheFUCKup.

Pretty unbeauteous

She is pretty unbeauteous. Everyday she wakes up & looks in the mirror & she never likes what looks back at her. She actually dreads it despises it...but she has to look in that mirror to remind her of how ugly she truly is. But that's why She spends hours trying on different attires even if she is just walking to the store. She doesn't want the world to see how ugly she is so she plays dress up. When she is done playing dress up then is when she is ready to walk out the door & out into harsh world. She takes one last glimpse in the mirror before she leaves, just to see how "cool" she appears or how much of an outcast she is. She is ready. Just ready to bump her music & walk down the street with her eyes on her feet. No she can't look anyone in the eye because than they will see how big of a LIAR she really is. Sometimes she hears voices....but their liars as well. She doesn't believe one word that comes out their mouths. LIE LIE LIE that's what the world is one big enormous LIE & she is apart of it. They say Beauty lies skin deep...well all her materialistics are all the beauty she needs. Everyday she wakes up & looks in the mirror & everyday the mirror lies truthfully. She is pretty ugly.

Now u know why her head is bowed.
Now u know why she doesn't like undressing.
Now u know why she doesn't sex.
Now u know why she is alone.

-Mirriors lie truthfully but where is the truth within the world?

Friday, August 8, 2008


She realized that her life is secret. She is mysterious to others. She doesn't spill her beans easy like others. If in life u do not ask questions u do not receive answers. She always live by those words. Sometimes her mind wonders aimlessly. She has dreams, hopes, && desires. But no one shall ever know. She keeps everything a hush. Who cares anyways? They only care bout materials And so she acts like she cares about materials herslef just to fit in with those peers of hers. She really wants to just go somewhere and tell ALL. She wants to end up somewhere just YELL her every thoughts, her feelings. She wants to cry her heart away into the ocean. But for now she sits and waits just waits. Goes about her everyday life talkin to herslef. And no she is not crazy well may just alittle. But not totally insane in the membrane. But whatever who cares she stopped caring. Well Atleast she trys not to. She just wonders sometimes who will know her secret?

-If she dies at this very moment who will cry?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Crazy thing is...

Today was interesting.

I truely madly deeply beeleave that I attract CRAZY INSANE people. I have no idea am I crazy? It seems everywhere My friends and I go im always the one that the "crazy" people get drawn to...some what like a target.

An example is this time Isis, Gabby & I were sittin in Mc dz [soho] talking eatin laughin away...talking to one of the Mc dz employees and this guy...looked like he was homeless walks in the Mc dz walks past us and walks to the front. He walks right back past us and out the store. Ok normal. Than he comes back in the Mc dz walks pass us again walks to somewhere.....and turns around to walk back out....&& before he walks back out stops a few feet away from me && starts yellin...He was yellin some crazy stuff at me like I didn't understand what he was was directed to me && it really scared me caught me off guardd....that was scary lolz but yet funny. But thats just one encounter inwhich the crazy or misunderstood ones came across me.

But yea back to my day. Got an IM [instant message] from this dude today named resonable doubt[myspace display name] sayin what would I say to a guy with a tongue ring...blah blah blah I went wih him to get a tongue ring down on Astor place. He is pretty koolz....I can see myself hangin with him again. It was unexpected && like random that he would hit me up...but u know all his friends flaked on himm couldn't or didn't want to go so u know bein the nice person that I am I say OK =p. After me watchin him get his tongue pierced....I headed on to BK[new lots] to hang with trevor && jas && gabby,isis,etc...

end of the day I love all them whores...hate TRAVIS.

-May God Bless

Monday, August 4, 2008

Green eyes.

Once upon a time there was this young girl who was lost&&cofused...She felt like she didn't belong to this society. She felt ugly& alone.So she thought green eyes would make her pretty.She always envied those with the nice eyes.And so she went out&& bought herself some green eyes.She felt pretty...felt like she belonged for awhile.She fooled many people but not all.But in the end she really was foolin herself.

-to be continued.