Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Crazy thing is...

Today was interesting.

I truely madly deeply beeleave that I attract CRAZY INSANE people. I have no idea why...like am I crazy? It seems everywhere My friends and I go im always the one that the "crazy" people get drawn to...some what like a target.

An example is this time Isis, Gabby & I were sittin in Mc dz [soho] talking eatin laughin away...talking to one of the Mc dz employees and this guy...looked like he was homeless walks in the Mc dz walks past us and walks to the front. He walks right back past us and out the store. Ok normal. Than he comes back in the Mc dz walks pass us again walks to somewhere.....and turns around to walk back out....&& before he walks back out stops a few feet away from me && starts yellin...He was yellin some crazy stuff at me like I didn't understand what he was sayin...it was directed to me && it really scared me caught me off guardd....that was scary lolz but yet funny. But thats just one encounter inwhich the crazy or misunderstood ones came across me.

But yea back to my day. Got an IM [instant message] from this dude today named resonable doubt[myspace display name] sayin what would I say to a guy with a tongue ring...blah blah blah I went wih him to get a tongue ring down on Astor place. He is pretty koolz....I can see myself hangin with him again. It was unexpected && like random that he would hit me up...but u know all his friends flaked on himm couldn't or didn't want to go so u know bein the nice person that I am I say OK =p. After me watchin him get his tongue pierced....I headed on to BK[new lots] to hang with trevor && jas && gabby,isis,etc...

end of the day I love all them whores...hate TRAVIS.

-May God Bless

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Im a mess...i wanted to leave a comment and now i dont kno wat to say.

ILY!!!! <3333
*Smooches whore*