Thursday, January 29, 2009

My shit;

Hit 'Em up - 2pac

-Thuglife baby!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No exit by Jean-Paul Sartre

Why must we live our lives through other peoples eyes with no exit?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am my Mothers daughter.

Misery Loves company...
Why does she try to bring us down to her depths of depression?
She isolates herself from the world, locked up in a tiny room all day.
She'll come out to grab a cup of coffee and look out the window.
She shows every bit of affection to that Midnight.
Claiming that Midnight is the only one that cares for her.
She's always complaining to the world about us but never tells us whats she wants us to do.
She doesn't speak up.
She walks by without even a hello.
She Falls to quickly for any sort of affection && is swindled very easily by her own flesh and blood.
She pushes everyone away...without an explanation of any sort.
I am my Mothers Daughter.

She isolates herself from the world thank u mom.
She locks herself in her room && sleeps away her depression thank u mom.
She lives her life carefree thanks a lot mom.
She pushes people away before they get to close. Thanks Mom :D
She doesn't know what affection is && how to react when its present..Your the best mom.
She pushes everyone away...without an explanation of any sort.
Even if not flesh && blood she is her Mothers daughter.

-Lets give a trophy to the best mom ever!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bros over hoes?

Question I wonder about...

It is harder for guys to get over girls?

My answer;

Yes Indeed I believe so. There was this couple that I observed. They stayed together for bout 2 years...and then one day they just broke up. The girl moved on fast...She actually has another Bf as we speak. But the guy he is depressed && shit..over a girl? It was shocking hearing this news from a source. I really couldn't believe what I was so & so..the same dude that blah couldn't be. This also relates to people they are solid as a rock. They are strong on the outside...but when ya cut 'em open..they're soft ass shit. Why do people put up fronts? especially boys when it comes to all the nitty gritty musshyy feelings crap? Is this why dudes be like Fuck Bitches Get $$$money..Bros over hoes?...bc of their pain? Hmmmmm I wonder.

-Till next time america..
p.s. she is still smiling. ^_^

Monday, January 5, 2009

1-5-09 Celebrity Day!

Who am I?
Drop a comment letting me know who you think & I'll get back to u

Thursday, January 1, 2009

1st blog of '09

New Years eve- Home waiting for Gabby to come to my house.
Gabby hops in a cab & gets here by 11;40ish.
I'm not dressed =X so were in the house till the ball drops smh. lol
New Years- It turns 12am b4 the ball even finishes dropping.
We are jumping round woot woot '09 is here.
Ok so I say to my moms I'm out...we out the house by 12:02
Oh yea we are heading to My friend Alhia Aunt house..they all over there chillin
&& what not. We were gonna walk but it was friggin freezing. OMG almost fell
on the ice several times. My fingers almost fall off.

Blah Blah the point of this story is that we left my house 12:02 and didn't get their house until damn near 2am. The lines were crazyy busy. We couldn't get a cab && when we did we didn't know the address lmfao. So we end up in co-op city far from where we were suppose to be goin. Lines were busy till after 1am smh. Spent mad $$ on 2 cabs for no reasonnn omg. Anyways I brung in the new Years right with my Bitchh Gabby & amigos. It was a pretty interesting/fun night lolz. Got in 'round 4:30.....

-H A P P Y New Year! :D