Thursday, January 1, 2009

1st blog of '09

New Years eve- Home waiting for Gabby to come to my house.
Gabby hops in a cab & gets here by 11;40ish.
I'm not dressed =X so were in the house till the ball drops smh. lol
New Years- It turns 12am b4 the ball even finishes dropping.
We are jumping round woot woot '09 is here.
Ok so I say to my moms I'm out...we out the house by 12:02
Oh yea we are heading to My friend Alhia Aunt house..they all over there chillin
&& what not. We were gonna walk but it was friggin freezing. OMG almost fell
on the ice several times. My fingers almost fall off.

Blah Blah the point of this story is that we left my house 12:02 and didn't get their house until damn near 2am. The lines were crazyy busy. We couldn't get a cab && when we did we didn't know the address lmfao. So we end up in co-op city far from where we were suppose to be goin. Lines were busy till after 1am smh. Spent mad $$ on 2 cabs for no reasonnn omg. Anyways I brung in the new Years right with my Bitchh Gabby & amigos. It was a pretty interesting/fun night lolz. Got in 'round 4:30.....

-H A P P Y New Year! :D

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Mookie said...

I'm deff stealing this pic for the blog interview.
Glad you enjoyed your 09 intro. Friends, laughter, drinks and cold.
Happy new year hun.