Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bros over hoes?

Question I wonder about...

It is harder for guys to get over girls?

My answer;

Yes Indeed I believe so. There was this couple that I observed. They stayed together for bout 2 years...and then one day they just broke up. The girl moved on fast...She actually has another Bf as we speak. But the guy he is depressed && shit..over a girl? It was shocking hearing this news from a source. I really couldn't believe what I was so & so..the same dude that blah couldn't be. This also relates to people they are solid as a rock. They are strong on the outside...but when ya cut 'em open..they're soft ass shit. Why do people put up fronts? especially boys when it comes to all the nitty gritty musshyy feelings crap? Is this why dudes be like Fuck Bitches Get $$$money..Bros over hoes?...bc of their pain? Hmmmmm I wonder.

-Till next time america..
p.s. she is still smiling. ^_^

1 comment:

urban couture said...

it's simple.

they're insecure.

- plain jane