Monday, June 18, 2012

uterus: forget i was here.

lets skip the personal conversations, because that part of chivalry is dead and buried beneath an oak tree. let's not pretend like we're highly interested in personal desires and retirement plans, summers in Italy, and your family heirloom of engagement rings. routines are boring and so are we. lets just sit down with our glasses of wine and unwind. lets not pretend that you love me, because tomorrow you'll love someone else. please do not hold my hand whilst walking side by side. do not treat me like your mother and please do not send me flowers. lets not pretend to be a married couple and lets not pretend any of anything is real. throughout this entire scenario, there's a bit of enjoyment and hope dwindling in between heartbeats. the attraction is fading away and once again, we are empty. another scar is engraved along her arm, representing a deceased lover. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

i'm sunken to an ultimate low. down here i've seen my lost soul. we were torn apart several years ago and lost and forgotten. it hits hard, like a spaceship falling out of the sky and landing on my corpse. it hits hard, like drinking everyday for a decade and losing the feel of my legs. everything is numb. she keeps an extra smile in her purse 'in case of emergencies'. she's beautiful. when they speak of her beauty, a slight smirk is written across her mind. she knows the power she possess but chooses to withhold from using it. she's selling herself short and doesn't really care. 
her passion has died along side her soul, which lives in a shadow of darkness, ramon noodles and newports. over the years, her posture has sunken, for the world has completely consumed her. where's that pretty simile? they're always wondering....whats going on inside of her. who is this zombie? and what happened to those bright eyes? we are no longer interested.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

lost and forgotten: oh wandering child.

as easy as it seemed to be
we were lost and forgotten
you deleted me out of your life
and i tried to burn pictures of us.
but there's no escaping the internet
one might be an explorer
broken hearts galore
we are forever
at least my head.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

lets hold hands and ambush the white house
show the administrative's what life is all about
rugged and drained
our eyes hold so much pain
and our ankles are swollen from their chains.

click clack went the barrel
we'll kidnap the president's daughter
and then slaughter their family pets
all for the sake of our income tax
which one of my people want next?

when their sleeping
we'll sneak up in their dreams
give 'em nightmares of economic schemes
all for the love of coffee and cream.


train daze.

i know it as if my world isn't breathing. i could feel it in my bones. crowded subway rides with cluttered minds. i would enjoy sleeping beneath the stars, among the pretend to be lvrs. it's been a long shift. here i stand on my own two feet...oh how i owe my soul my soul. astral projection, my heart is out of its mind for thinking outside itself. stop believing and everything shall come to pass. most mid-nights i wish i could explode into confetti. lets celebrate all rights reserved to the cycle of situations. my long to have an everlasting companion, shall be the continuance of existence. so extensive this conscious may be, i will not believe it. backs are turned so quickly. friends hit a dead end street and this shall be the end.