Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dream Land.

'Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.' -Tupac

Dreams will always serve as an escape route from reality. They sail you away far from reality for the time being. Hush little baby and close those eyes. Dream on and forever.

Don't mention it.

All she could do was watch from a distance. Frustrated because there was nothing she could do. What could she do? It's unpleasant listening to them distant tears and watching loved one's in secret pain. Secluded pain. Hidden in a bottle, a box, or trunk. When they're alone they tend to open up these hidden secrets and sulk. Sink & sulk deep into the pain, it's penetrating. The pain one keeps to oneself. It's frustrating, sharing those secrets. Who really understands or cares to listen? Loved ones such as our parents try to stay strong around us. Parents put up the biggest front for the sake of a child's sanity. Everyday she wishes to save the world. Everyday she prays for the world.