Saturday, October 25, 2008


The new 1$ ice tea <33.

Seen saw 5 today. Shit was goooodd...but didn't like the ending -_-. ily bestie =*

Using the mist on the window to make art...not war.

-Fool me once shame on you...fool me 2x shame on me.

Half a day...

Oh yea yesturday we had a half day because u know report card time..and ehh parent teacher conference -_-. My report card was ok...but could be better. 80avg. Those 2 stupid 75s that I received brought my avg down =/. Anyways yea so we only had periods 2,3,8,&9. I went to 2,3,&8 but skipped out on 9th and chilled i nthe college office with whole bunch '09 heads. And this is how it went...

W A T C H ^^ COMMENT lolz.

Seen this walking down convent to 125th


-may our worlds be brighter.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Gregarious tears..

save the tears. where are they gettin u in life? People see tears they see fear, weakness. They see how pathetic u are. LOL they laugh right in your face...not giving a damn. LOL. They spread the word around town and soon everyone knows how weak u really are...although u pretend to be this wolf. But guess what? Your just a wolf in sheeps clothing. Yes, You put on a front...u love it when ppl show alittle sign of affection or interest concerning your life. LOL. You laugh at how weak THEY are..and now the tables have turned. You've captured them and lured them in with your fishing rod and bait. They seemingly become so drawn and your bait....till u have them forever! ahahahahaha...They are in the palm of your hand. They surround around u and venerate your everystep,word,blood,sweat,and tears...You've got it made. Your plan is going just how u imagined....(to be continued)

-How long will Inanity contiune before one renounces?

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Fuck em all. Yup. Fuck em all. Fuck em all. Fuck em all. My eye hurts. Im tired. Just ate..had Mc dz but still hungry. I shouldn't be sitting here. Like wtf? so what if I draw o nymself? ARGG I hate u & u & u. Felt really sick today. Yes 67 woot woot. The last girl? oh yea. So he wanted to take me out...idk. Texting all day...ppl I dunt even know lolz. When will it be my chance. When will it happen to me. Neds declassified skool blah ish is on..just seen unfabulos. WTF am I goin to write abot. I like a lot of things but what to write about? Why wasn't I that child...Born in this world alone..thats all I need is me..fuck em.

-Before day & night comes...Im alseep.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

10 things I'd love say to ppl...but not in their faces, aha!

1) List 10 or more things you want to say to people, but never will.
2) Don't say who they are.
3) Never discuss it again.

1. UM yea Sorry IM not interested in you as a potential lover. Your koolz but thats it...please move on if u already haven't.

2. Omg when I first met u I was yea is that. aha.

3. You make me wanna....

4. I only pretend to like u ya dig....

5. I really really do not like u...never want to see u again really but hey I know thats not goin to happen. Freakin seen ya ass this summer...eww. I defn regret puttin my lips to yours...seriously.
And what I hate even more is being reminded of my mistake. Oh gosh.

6. Stop thinking that u started EVERYTHING. Like fuck outter here...nobody wants to be like u.
You mock...the world mocks and copies each other. Unless u were here when GOD created this EARTH u ain't start, create, or cause a revolution...

7. FAT ASSS!!!!! l o l

8. Wtf are u lookin at don't look at me or touch me..GOSH.

9. I don't understand things...Been friends for too long. But w.e. u c an have it your way.

10. Actually I don't regret I just wish that things were different. I know I've a lott..because idk u were really annoying. OBSESSED with shit that I didn't give one shit about.....gosh and than to think such a thing...sayin that I would do such a thing...come on.

11. You talk to damn much...stfu sometimes.

12. Your such a FRAUD.