Friday, October 17, 2008

The Gregarious tears..

save the tears. where are they gettin u in life? People see tears they see fear, weakness. They see how pathetic u are. LOL they laugh right in your face...not giving a damn. LOL. They spread the word around town and soon everyone knows how weak u really are...although u pretend to be this wolf. But guess what? Your just a wolf in sheeps clothing. Yes, You put on a front...u love it when ppl show alittle sign of affection or interest concerning your life. LOL. You laugh at how weak THEY are..and now the tables have turned. You've captured them and lured them in with your fishing rod and bait. They seemingly become so drawn and your bait....till u have them forever! ahahahahaha...They are in the palm of your hand. They surround around u and venerate your everystep,word,blood,sweat,and tears...You've got it made. Your plan is going just how u imagined....(to be continued)

-How long will Inanity contiune before one renounces?

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