Thursday, October 16, 2008


Fuck em all. Yup. Fuck em all. Fuck em all. Fuck em all. My eye hurts. Im tired. Just ate..had Mc dz but still hungry. I shouldn't be sitting here. Like wtf? so what if I draw o nymself? ARGG I hate u & u & u. Felt really sick today. Yes 67 woot woot. The last girl? oh yea. So he wanted to take me out...idk. Texting all day...ppl I dunt even know lolz. When will it be my chance. When will it happen to me. Neds declassified skool blah ish is on..just seen unfabulos. WTF am I goin to write abot. I like a lot of things but what to write about? Why wasn't I that child...Born in this world alone..thats all I need is me..fuck em.

-Before day & night comes...Im alseep.

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