Saturday, May 21, 2011


pages and pages
chapters and chapters
numbers, definitions, subtleties
serene empty spaces
filled with loving vibrations cycling throughout thought patterns.


uncomfortable positions
undesired manifestations
but that smile...
raises all spirits.

questionable answers,
there are never stupid questions.

thee piano strikes again!
harmonic chords of irrational entities

why of course butterflies are beautiful...
is there any doubt?
sleeping, reading a book, listening to music, or walking around outside really clears my head and takes me away from any recurring negative thought pattern I may have. technology makes me feels the loneliest.

cycle of ___

cycle of it all, often I still find myself second guessing....everything. I know I really need to sit down with myself and ask a series of questions. we're on this quest for nothing and something. the universe acts upon our thoughts, so the point of power is always in the present moment. stop complaining and deal with the truth. often I am so far out of reach, gurus pick up my denial before any mirror can. daydreams searching for 'the god light' and the 'satori' in the middle of Chinatown. wisdom fails to manifest and the knowledge is stranded. your list of desires, dreams, hopes, ceased hearts, start reacting like a chain of domino's..and the feeling that's left is empathetic yet uncertain.

world: daydreamer won't you hurry along. your shoelaces are untidy and you're stranded all alone, on an infinite journey.
any idea...what it is you truly desire?
persona: you see i'm searching for something so uplifting, time itself will no longer exist.
world: my child, sometimes people are closer to the shore than they realize, but sail out farther from their senses.

Monday, May 9, 2011

"what's good with being the one, if you're the only one who knows it?"
_J. cole

Sunday, May 1, 2011

every single day

People should realize how great and truly magnificent they are. You know what really bothers me? The roles our environments, society, and social media play within our lives. The level of influence that takes place within our subconscious, is irrational. We are all born great! There is no doubt about that! At what age does self doubt and feelings of unworthiness start crawling into the picture? History really screwed us up! Everyone of us are victims of victims. Things have to change. Our children are growing up doubting their very greatness because parents/guardians are only reiterating their childhood, leaving one’s full potential a mystery. Imagine how great the world would be, if as children we were taught to love ourselves & in return we were loved unconditionally? Amazingly B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L-L.

hello may 1st

how are you doing? seems as if time is a distant passenger aboard a train. very interesting critter I've come across, but there is still no real connection. when I turn my head, my future romance has disappeared. far out of reach, my conscious starts to preach...

'seems like time is soaring by...
as I stand here, bad posture and all
mistakes aren't subjected to be corrected -
but recognized and separated,
reasonably embraced and transfigured.'

peach tree peach tree peace tree. realize the balance beam in which all bodies are present and restore any abnormalities. I'll love like no other (at least I'll try). the end of twenty-four hour drives are not to be found outside, so keep on cruising.