Saturday, May 21, 2011

cycle of ___

cycle of it all, often I still find myself second guessing....everything. I know I really need to sit down with myself and ask a series of questions. we're on this quest for nothing and something. the universe acts upon our thoughts, so the point of power is always in the present moment. stop complaining and deal with the truth. often I am so far out of reach, gurus pick up my denial before any mirror can. daydreams searching for 'the god light' and the 'satori' in the middle of Chinatown. wisdom fails to manifest and the knowledge is stranded. your list of desires, dreams, hopes, ceased hearts, start reacting like a chain of domino's..and the feeling that's left is empathetic yet uncertain.

world: daydreamer won't you hurry along. your shoelaces are untidy and you're stranded all alone, on an infinite journey.
any idea...what it is you truly desire?
persona: you see i'm searching for something so uplifting, time itself will no longer exist.
world: my child, sometimes people are closer to the shore than they realize, but sail out farther from their senses.

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dsadf said...

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