Saturday, September 27, 2008

I love pancakes.

Today is her day. She has balance...a sense of aura around her at this moment, and guess what? Nothing or Noone can mess it up. ahhh She breathes in and out. Wakin up early saves the day. She is nly focusing on her life, her goals, her dreams, her loved ones...the ones that REALLY care. She sees thru the bullshit...she understands the escape. She lives for her. Can't noone stop her. Today your opinios don't matter. aha. Your nonsense just bumps into her shield. aha Your the one that is angry she just skips away. Leaving u stranded, hung, drunk off HER realizations. We all need to just say fuck it. Just stop worrying. JUST DO IT like nike. Walk forward and not back. yea yea w.e. idc really.


-aha if only u were in on her secrets.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ello world.

Lovely day ehh?

Lets have high sex that never ends all day =].

This is short and sweet.

-I can feel my legs =D

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sunny D.

Saturday Evening and im in my room on my moms laptop. Already I've Cleaned my room, washed 2 loads of clothes, and did my Health HW. Those are just some of the activites that I have engaged myself in today. Now im bored and starvin. Today I had this honey and oats bar and 4 cupcakes. Thats all that I had and possibly will be eating for the day. I hate askin my moms for her laptop because she's always complaining. She thinks that I am goin to mess it up. Like wtf? She doesn't even use it but she doesn't want ME using it. The only reason I ask her for it is because my computer stopped working and everytime I want to go take it in she's always making up excuses. Now she tellin me ohh u have to take it yaself. Like WTF. I have to take that heavy ass shit by myself on the bus all the way to co-op city. argg Imma do it tomorrow morning, Because I refuse to keep askin her for her tired of hearin her mouth. W.e. Im waiting for my pics to upload on this crap so I can have a picture for this blog. Until next time AMERICA.

-Right now she feels some sort of equilibrium.

Monday, September 8, 2008


As I sit ALONE in this room. I believe that I am destined to be ALONE. Well if I am ALONE the rest of my life I shall be ALONE and independently strong. Truthfully. Im full of s**t. The smoothest conARTist that u will ever come across. I lie to myself all the time so that I won't crumble under the eyes of others. Because u know thats what others want to see so that they can have a feelin of triumpet and praise, over ones dead body. They want to have the power. She doesnt let them walk all over her instead she plays with their minds. Jedimindtricks. Little Boys Litte dicks. "Im confused." they say but u know what your supposed to be confused. Only she understands she and no not he but only she and no not me only she and no not we only she.

-She feeds u what u want to hear.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Im just so confused. Im a confused soul that needs to be rescued. Right now its 12;41 am and im supposed to be sleep because I have school in a couple hours. Sometimes I just arggg hate everythingg, in life everything. WTF. Sometimes I think tooo much. I wish my heart was a black hole. I wish I didn't have emotions, feelings,emotions....they really suck. Why do I care? sometimes I wonder. It bothers me. what? Everythinggg does. Idk imma stop writing. Who really cares about my life? Like seriously really. And I could careless that u all donot care..I prefer it rather. W.E.

-Alone in the dark..where is my light?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just another rainy day

Ok so today is saturday And I am sittin at home. Everyday is a new day. A new breath. A new thought. A new idea. A new start. Time restarts and so we have a chance to make things better instead of goin bakk in reverse. I sit at home today. I am bored because there is really nothing to do but watch movies, talk on aim and check my mail. I really should be doing my english HW but i can do it tomorrow....or even later on tonight. Right now at this moment my fan is on because boy is it hott....and my television is on...but on mute. Also I am awaiting for my chinese food. STARVIN!!!