Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sunny D.

Saturday Evening and im in my room on my moms laptop. Already I've Cleaned my room, washed 2 loads of clothes, and did my Health HW. Those are just some of the activites that I have engaged myself in today. Now im bored and starvin. Today I had this honey and oats bar and 4 cupcakes. Thats all that I had and possibly will be eating for the day. I hate askin my moms for her laptop because she's always complaining. She thinks that I am goin to mess it up. Like wtf? She doesn't even use it but she doesn't want ME using it. The only reason I ask her for it is because my computer stopped working and everytime I want to go take it in she's always making up excuses. Now she tellin me ohh u have to take it yaself. Like WTF. I have to take that heavy ass shit by myself on the bus all the way to co-op city. argg Imma do it tomorrow morning, Because I refuse to keep askin her for her tired of hearin her mouth. W.e. Im waiting for my pics to upload on this crap so I can have a picture for this blog. Until next time AMERICA.

-Right now she feels some sort of equilibrium.


Cupcake said...

Metri Rocks
yo Ollie
TWin=] was here

Cupcake said...

I like Sunny D
they're the best