Saturday, September 27, 2008

I love pancakes.

Today is her day. She has balance...a sense of aura around her at this moment, and guess what? Nothing or Noone can mess it up. ahhh She breathes in and out. Wakin up early saves the day. She is nly focusing on her life, her goals, her dreams, her loved ones...the ones that REALLY care. She sees thru the bullshit...she understands the escape. She lives for her. Can't noone stop her. Today your opinios don't matter. aha. Your nonsense just bumps into her shield. aha Your the one that is angry she just skips away. Leaving u stranded, hung, drunk off HER realizations. We all need to just say fuck it. Just stop worrying. JUST DO IT like nike. Walk forward and not back. yea yea w.e. idc really.


-aha if only u were in on her secrets.

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