Sunday, November 30, 2008


Today is the last day of Novemeber. Oh how does time flyyy. The marking period is almost over. This is my last post in november. Being a senior is just flyying by. Feels as if im missing out on the world. I feel like im the turtle in this race u know. Im leaningg back in this recliner far back. When will I get up?

-the dark ages. O_O

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Grey Hairs.


Its 7:32 PM; and im still in the house.
Today is one my G R E A T friends Bday &&
Leslie tried to ruin it. [Leslie is my "GODMOMS"]

I talk about her a lot..but she knows little about who

I am or what I do with my life.

She just knows what I feed her...and she thinks I lie about everything.

Which I sorta do..I dunt want her to KNOW about me really.

She thinks Im a screw up && that I won't do shit with my life.

She says im goin to work in McDonalds.

She doesn't think that dancing is serious to me.

The only control she has over me is $$$..

which I HATE. Oh GOSH I need a J O B>seriouslyy >:O

She gives me gray hairs. She is the reason why I NEVA smile.

Its either her way or the high I suffer.

I cry I pull my hair out..I keep my thoughts to myself.

I let her push me around...why?

BC she has the power.

-Stefan (7:19:56 PM): yep
-Stefan (7:20:06 PM): i just count
-Stefan(7:20:24 PM): 9 more months

Monday, November 17, 2008

November High

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y N I C O :D

Why Live Above The Influence?
Whats the FUN in that?
The NICE feeling.

The CHINESE eyes.
OH what a feeling when your lips are numb
&& your head is light.
When u are sitting yet your soul takes aflight.

lol lol lol lol lol when your laughter never decease.

-Im higher than a motherfcuker in a plane man..but I ain't in a plane.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dagger Dagger!

Don't u love being daggered? [=
I know a WHOLE lot of people that do.
Daggered on basketball courts, Bowling alleys, middle of the street, back of buses..etc u name it!
For those who don't know what being daggered is;
METRI(8:03:04 PM): yo give me a definition of being dagger
gab(8:03:22 PM): being dryfucked like theres no tomorrow lol
METRI(8:03:28 PM): lmfao

Dryfucked? Yea thats the only parties sugar & booger attend.
ALOT of daggering goin on 11-12-08.
&& unexpected locking of lips? lolzz yea
Sometimes ppl get caught up!
Right moment RIGHT person? :D [smiles]
Right moment WRONG person? =[ sad face [coughs] lol

After all that daggering...

I need a drink & and a morning after pill.

**Backstaircase may work ;)

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Ok its been a minute since I've blogged lots on my mind lets start with todays date..NOVEMBER 9th 2008 the clock just stroke 2pm...I love music been downloading itt all day started with dcole,than reggae, took it bakk to the jackson 5 & the fugees..smh its novemeber and I still have NO IDEA how my life is goin to turn out..what path im heading down..argg college college college its so annoying the word is thrown in my face everyday...what do u want to do with your life...damn leave me along let me sit down one day and figure its out..but when is dat day goin to come november is alreay here...lets move away from college for a while and let me give u an insight on my life..:phone is rining: gosh I hate answering the phone...why because its never for me people just call my not like I pick up..I hate having a converstaion on the phone its gets really annoying and awkward sometimes (depends on the person) boys boys boys they suck ass...girl girls girls..they suck sometimes too..yea so yea I've been partying like everyweekend and I can't help it..its in my blood like a stalker im addicted..hit me up if u know of any parties im always down and always the life of the party...yea..idk imma write another blog.

-u want some cornbread..of course!