Sunday, November 9, 2008


Ok its been a minute since I've blogged lots on my mind lets start with todays date..NOVEMBER 9th 2008 the clock just stroke 2pm...I love music been downloading itt all day started with dcole,than reggae, took it bakk to the jackson 5 & the fugees..smh its novemeber and I still have NO IDEA how my life is goin to turn out..what path im heading down..argg college college college its so annoying the word is thrown in my face everyday...what do u want to do with your life...damn leave me along let me sit down one day and figure its out..but when is dat day goin to come november is alreay here...lets move away from college for a while and let me give u an insight on my life..:phone is rining: gosh I hate answering the phone...why because its never for me people just call my not like I pick up..I hate having a converstaion on the phone its gets really annoying and awkward sometimes (depends on the person) boys boys boys they suck ass...girl girls girls..they suck sometimes too..yea so yea I've been partying like everyweekend and I can't help it..its in my blood like a stalker im addicted..hit me up if u know of any parties im always down and always the life of the party...yea..idk imma write another blog.

-u want some cornbread..of course!

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