Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dagger Dagger!

Don't u love being daggered? [=
I know a WHOLE lot of people that do.
Daggered on basketball courts, Bowling alleys, middle of the street, back of buses..etc u name it!
For those who don't know what being daggered is;
METRI(8:03:04 PM): yo give me a definition of being dagger
gab(8:03:22 PM): being dryfucked like theres no tomorrow lol
METRI(8:03:28 PM): lmfao

Dryfucked? Yea thats the only parties sugar & booger attend.
ALOT of daggering goin on 11-12-08.
&& unexpected locking of lips? lolzz yea
Sometimes ppl get caught up!
Right moment RIGHT person? :D [smiles]
Right moment WRONG person? =[ sad face [coughs] lol

After all that daggering...

I need a drink & and a morning after pill.

**Backstaircase may work ;)

1 comment:

Gabby™...the "original" said...

ummm if u attend "daggering" parties every weekend then u need WAYYYY more than a morning after pill!
Damn not even TROJON can save ur life