Saturday, November 22, 2008

Grey Hairs.


Its 7:32 PM; and im still in the house.
Today is one my G R E A T friends Bday &&
Leslie tried to ruin it. [Leslie is my "GODMOMS"]

I talk about her a lot..but she knows little about who

I am or what I do with my life.

She just knows what I feed her...and she thinks I lie about everything.

Which I sorta do..I dunt want her to KNOW about me really.

She thinks Im a screw up && that I won't do shit with my life.

She says im goin to work in McDonalds.

She doesn't think that dancing is serious to me.

The only control she has over me is $$$..

which I HATE. Oh GOSH I need a J O B>seriouslyy >:O

She gives me gray hairs. She is the reason why I NEVA smile.

Its either her way or the high I suffer.

I cry I pull my hair out..I keep my thoughts to myself.

I let her push me around...why?

BC she has the power.

-Stefan (7:19:56 PM): yep
-Stefan (7:20:06 PM): i just count
-Stefan(7:20:24 PM): 9 more months

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