Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am Just.

My sexual orientation = None, I am just.
My penis is nonexistent.
My vaginal fluids are nonexistent.
I can not produce.
My mother bearing hips are non existent,
And therefore I can not take care of you.
I can not be your housewife or slave.

-Ollie('Tis I)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I was never anything you were looking for, but I was always there visible to the human eye (sometimes). Most of the time I stood behind you hoping you'll turn around and love me like you'll never see me again. Waking up thinking I woke up! Oh how I am grateful that my heart is beating and I didn't fade away just before they got to know me.

We want to love and we want to be loved. when no one tells us that they love us there is no reason to love thyself. The love they share with us, just a moment of intoxication, Wasted Affection.
Which leaves your mind, body, and soul yearning for more. Hoping the next day, just hoping for Sober affection. But in an instant you snap back to reality and realize no one loves you. Welcome to heartbreak, your heart shuts down with no intentions of beating again. Cold hearten stares whenever your present, the room is filled with chills. Who wants to be around you anymore? Anyone willing to resuscitate you? Al Green said Love & Happiness is all we need...but where is thy companion?

Lay your head on my pillow close to mine and here the whispers of my heart. I'll always be here always and forever. Even when the world is coming to an end my soul will still be floating about ...even if you pretend to love I it's quite OK.

Let's breathe life back into the embryo.

'The Will Power to live as light as a White Feather falling in the middle of the night...'

My belief why we all stay alive is not because of 'God's Plan' but one's actual desire to live.
If there is nothing to live for Why are we still living? Thoughts are the center control for living, breathing, and waking up on a daily basis. (I'm not really sure why I'm still alive) Our thoughts trigger our heart beat, and determine if we are healthy or not. Face it, if you think it...(like magic) it will appear to be happening? Good thoughts breed good health. Why are we waking up? DesireDesireDesireDesireDesireDesire. I'm not saying we can all beat death b/c we can't it's inevitable but we can stay around as long as we want. People also play a big role in helping us live to see another day and so is 'LOVE'. My feelings are as follows...When all the love for us is completely gone or the love for others has vanished than our mind/body/spirit dies along side it all and then the heart beat comes to a halt.



I can feel you hurting, your sufferings...

The excruciating pain that's held deep within your heart. It hurts my heart & stomach. Body and mind. It's hard to eat, hard to breathe and hard to sleep. This pain affects me periodically. We feel the same things. I know we have the same thoughts. Who really cares? Our pleads go unheard. We are unhealthy both mentally & physically. There is absolutely no one to turn to but our pens and notebooks. These are the closet things to our mind, body & soul, our redeemers. They help relieve some of the weight off our brains. Oh what a relief it is to rid some of these burdens we carry about.