Saturday, February 11, 2012

lets hold hands and ambush the white house
show the administrative's what life is all about
rugged and drained
our eyes hold so much pain
and our ankles are swollen from their chains.

click clack went the barrel
we'll kidnap the president's daughter
and then slaughter their family pets
all for the sake of our income tax
which one of my people want next?

when their sleeping
we'll sneak up in their dreams
give 'em nightmares of economic schemes
all for the love of coffee and cream.


train daze.

i know it as if my world isn't breathing. i could feel it in my bones. crowded subway rides with cluttered minds. i would enjoy sleeping beneath the stars, among the pretend to be lvrs. it's been a long shift. here i stand on my own two feet...oh how i owe my soul my soul. astral projection, my heart is out of its mind for thinking outside itself. stop believing and everything shall come to pass. most mid-nights i wish i could explode into confetti. lets celebrate all rights reserved to the cycle of situations. my long to have an everlasting companion, shall be the continuance of existence. so extensive this conscious may be, i will not believe it. backs are turned so quickly. friends hit a dead end street and this shall be the end.