Sunday, December 27, 2009

What else can you do?

Deprive my brain, go ahead handicap my mind,
I don't mind b/c as you can see my cells are walking on crutches
I can hardly breathe, can hardly walk up right, straight?
Eh who long as I can spell my name right?
What's the rest? Why won't you help me?
:throws pen down:
Frustrations, Hopelessness, Give up, Fuck it.
Turns on television
and takes in
the invasive subliminal messages the media is sending to my mind
but I don't mind.
My brain cells quit working along time ago, right?

Friday, December 18, 2009

I Have A Cold.

Sniffles. Sneeze. Oh my nose bleeds. It burns my throat. Restless nights. Heavy coats. Popsicle lips. Popsicle nipps. Arthritis in my hip. Srry about my cold shoulder but the landlord playing with my heat. Germs Genocide defeat. Genius fall defeated. Brick hands, hold my cold feet. Shitty ass Government housing where the fck is my heat? Such slime America coughs up. Couple doses of syrup, that should help you feel better, therapy, mass hysterectomy. The president gave me a shot, and now I'm sicker, fcking freezing state of hypertension. Gps in my ear I hope those mother fckers are really LISTENING.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

'My entangled mind hoping to be unraveled.' -(c)metri

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

'Silence is as Loud as Mute Child.'

Speak now or forever hold your tongue.
Do now or forever wish you have done.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Zeitgeist Movie.

Not just a movie, but a movement.
Everyone NEEDS to watch this movie.
Everyone NEEDS to watch this movie.
Everyone NEEDS to watch this movie.
Everyone NEEDS to watch this movie.
Everyone NEEDS to watch this movie.
Everyone NEEDS to watch this movie.
Everyone NEEDS to watch this movie!


In the middle of the Storm
I'm that girl who stood Alone
Homeless, the tornado took my Home
So like Dorothy I have to follow the Yellow Brick Road
Hungry and Alone
No Blankets I'm very Cold
Massive Headaches, Ears Ringing Bells
No Shoes I'm walking on Eggshells
It's quite Clear of my Condition
Everybody Blind they follow they own Missions
All while the Earth keeps Spinning....

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ready to give birth
Premature flow
That miracle girl
Immaculate words
My mind was defected at birth
I'm that Special girl.
I kill hopes & dreams with rocks & stones
My ground is solid
My words be known
My foot steps are hard
Ideas concrete
Come Tango with my mind
Drop bricks on your feet.

- Metri.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


my sufferings. your smiles.
A lot of times I want to tell people to fuck themselves but I keep my words & thoughts to myself. Constantly I have to tell myself this is only life, shit happens & you have to move on. We are forced to push our thoughts/feelings to the back of our minds & hope our memories will fade. We get hurt & we hurt others. Cycle of life. While my mind is restless at night, & I'm tossing & turning everyone else is sleeping like a baby. Sucks to have to sit back & let something/someone hurt you & can't speak about it because you are told to grow up. I guess....
Q: How does a person with no heart beat sleep at night?
'When Life is depressing, I don't start undressing, I start addressing...' (c) metri


Decemeber is here already.
Faster than a speeding light. Time is flying by....

Just some pictures from last year around January
when my camera was working.
FYI: I hate the winter & the snow