Saturday, December 5, 2009


my sufferings. your smiles.
A lot of times I want to tell people to fuck themselves but I keep my words & thoughts to myself. Constantly I have to tell myself this is only life, shit happens & you have to move on. We are forced to push our thoughts/feelings to the back of our minds & hope our memories will fade. We get hurt & we hurt others. Cycle of life. While my mind is restless at night, & I'm tossing & turning everyone else is sleeping like a baby. Sucks to have to sit back & let something/someone hurt you & can't speak about it because you are told to grow up. I guess....
Q: How does a person with no heart beat sleep at night?


Polly Pocket said...

Awww Metri. It's a part of growing up I guess. People suck, people change, they leave, it's a part of life. You just have to remember to put yourself first sometimes.

O_O said...

Yes I'm learning you have to let f*ked up things/people just happen...LIFE.
Your right. I always forget that...Putting oneself as #1.
Thanks Yani <3