Friday, August 8, 2008


She realized that her life is secret. She is mysterious to others. She doesn't spill her beans easy like others. If in life u do not ask questions u do not receive answers. She always live by those words. Sometimes her mind wonders aimlessly. She has dreams, hopes, && desires. But no one shall ever know. She keeps everything a hush. Who cares anyways? They only care bout materials And so she acts like she cares about materials herslef just to fit in with those peers of hers. She really wants to just go somewhere and tell ALL. She wants to end up somewhere just YELL her every thoughts, her feelings. She wants to cry her heart away into the ocean. But for now she sits and waits just waits. Goes about her everyday life talkin to herslef. And no she is not crazy well may just alittle. But not totally insane in the membrane. But whatever who cares she stopped caring. Well Atleast she trys not to. She just wonders sometimes who will know her secret?

-If she dies at this very moment who will cry?

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