Sunday, August 10, 2008

Emotionally Attached

Once upon a time there was this boy named Tom & this girl named Ginger.
Tom & Ginger met thru a couple friends and so they became good friends.
Ginger was in a relationship & Tom was single ready to mingle.
Ginger & Tom texted each other a lot....than texting turned into late night phone calls.
Tom & Ginger also began to hang out a lot.
Both Ginger & Tom started catching feelings for each other.
All the time they hung out Ginger & Tom would kiss.
Ginger knew what she was doing was dishonorable because she was already in a relationship.
Tom really wanted Ginger to be his instead of the next dude's because he really started catching strong feelings for her. He even started to LOVE her.
Tom & Ginger started getting into arguments.
Tom really wanted Ginger for himself. =/
Ginger really liked Tom. She really did but she wasn't in LOVE with him.
She LOVED her boyfriend.
She really didn't want to break toms heart...but he just didn't get it.
He didn't understand why she couldn't be his & that they can only remain friends.
Shortly after their argument Tom stopped speaking to Ginger because of the pain he felt.
Ginger didn't want that to happen but she figured it was for the best.

Lessons learned;

1. Men are the new women. They cry & b*tch more than we do and its a shame.
Tom knew the situation from the beginning..he knew that Ginger had a man but he still became emotionally attached to her. =/
I know how Tom feels it hurts it really does when the one person u have a liking for or actually love u can't have. It hurts...but u will get over it. Trust.

2. If u know that your in a relationship already do not lead other people on and toy with their emotions. Its not cool and the person really ends up hurt even heart broken. You may lose a really good friend. Also this person may dislike u afterwards maybe even HATE you. Your the monster in the end. But in the end the person will move on.

-Boysguysmen need to MANtheFUCKup.

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Gabby™...the "original" said...

Out of all names...."Ginger"??
Ur rite they do need to man the F up!!
We cant have both guys n girls bitching!!
Wat is the world coming to???