Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pretty unbeauteous

She is pretty unbeauteous. Everyday she wakes up & looks in the mirror & she never likes what looks back at her. She actually dreads it despises it...but she has to look in that mirror to remind her of how ugly she truly is. But that's why She spends hours trying on different attires even if she is just walking to the store. She doesn't want the world to see how ugly she is so she plays dress up. When she is done playing dress up then is when she is ready to walk out the door & out into harsh world. She takes one last glimpse in the mirror before she leaves, just to see how "cool" she appears or how much of an outcast she is. She is ready. Just ready to bump her music & walk down the street with her eyes on her feet. No she can't look anyone in the eye because than they will see how big of a LIAR she really is. Sometimes she hears voices....but their liars as well. She doesn't believe one word that comes out their mouths. LIE LIE LIE that's what the world is one big enormous LIE & she is apart of it. They say Beauty lies skin deep...well all her materialistics are all the beauty she needs. Everyday she wakes up & looks in the mirror & everyday the mirror lies truthfully. She is pretty ugly.

Now u know why her head is bowed.
Now u know why she doesn't like undressing.
Now u know why she doesn't sex.
Now u know why she is alone.

-Mirriors lie truthfully but where is the truth within the world?

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