Saturday, December 11, 2010

Free Thought(s) - mono.tistic

I don't care.
I do but I don't.
Can you share?
I could but I won't.
Why so scared?
Because we are made to love out of fear(s).
A bunch of shit laughs exhale out.
A bunch of phony breden brothers bask in it,
Exchange pounds and wear layers of it.
The keeper goes as far as 'it' is kept.
Under lock & key them tears have went
The soldier receives his Badge of honor.
Through the eyes of the outsiders they are heroic.

'Kill them all'
We thought we were awake in our dreams.
But Captain would come whisper in our ears late nights.
As if dreaming wasn't enough burdens on our subconscious minds
The demons lay awake fiddling with broken souls.
And plenty of our soles were worn out, broken , and falling apart.
Hopeful as the encouragement we've received in our first and last letters.

104, 96, 34, 67
Is of the feeling and it feels good to watch the sunrise and set.
We need proof that we are alive.
It is the only tactic of survive we understand.
Everything else is strange.

to be continued...

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