Saturday, December 11, 2010

Early this morning (3-4am)

I was watching this really old movie about Santa Claus. It looked like something straight from the 60's or earlier in time. The storyboard was a typical 'Santa Claus Fairy Tale' type movie but the interesting part was the Devil was involved in this movie. I was just like O.o. Basically Santa was like a God. He rode 'round the world on his sleigh with his reindeer magically popping up in people's homes. (mad sus) He delivered Christmas gifts to the good kids & coal to the misbehaved ones. Typical Santa shit but everywhere this Santa went the Devil followed trying to Fruck shit up. The Devil would whisper in people's ears to get them to act of character (Sin). Rather interesting I must say. The last part I remember (before drifting off to sleep) was the the Devil actually almost ruined things for Santa and his career. He set Santa up & shit but the big homie got away. The message(s) they were trying to convey to the audience was Good vs Evil. Good things happen to Good people. Bad things happen to Bad people. (bull) There's is always going to be this battle between our inner demons & our outer ones. blahblahblah The movie was sending subliminal Biblical messages b/c you can not have a movie involving with the Devil and not have shit reference back to God.

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