Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I love words but you know pictures are worth that thesis paper you have to present at the end of your college education. I used to own this cute little red camera a long time ago but took it to the beach it stopped working. :| The sand ruins everything, like the little bomb speaker I got from U.O. on $sale$. Well I often wish I had a camera. I love taking pictures always have. The only camera I have now is my shitty ass web camera & my cell phone camera (which actually takes excellent pictures). I don't even want one of those expensive rass cams b/c then ppl will try to call me 'another photographer?' yea... It would be nice to just have a little camera that takes decent pictures & decent HD videos. Tis All. Oh yea I need to get these pictures developed, when the cash is avail. -_-

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Nico said...

all I have to say is I agree, sometimes pictures hold the best memories and I remember your little red camera!!1