Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Born underneath the sun, iamheated. My skin is pale it doesn't glow so my soul doesn't shine. Are you happy for me? Nay. I can not be happy for anyone. We are all objects of affection, when it's needed. Modern day hell we've walking in to the slumps of swamp creeks and tussled with the reindeer's of the forest. When do you notice your heart beat? Are you self aware? I fall asleep with my hand on my chest every single night. My commentary is exhausting. Are you ready to die? Well not just yet. When will stop all this self abuse? Soon.We are born with wings but most just shrivel up and fall off as we progress physically,mentally and spiritually. Time machines will never be built because revenge isn't worth anything. Again, why are you so stuck on nothing if it's nothing? We shouldn't have to be in any of this alone.

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