Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reality Check.

Well today was just an ordinary same adventure day just a regular Tuesday nothing really new. Same Ole wandering around downtown ending up on 14th street smhh. I ran into some really awesome people down on 14th street & got a free show. A little poetry slam in front of my face. That was awesome I see that they were really passionate about what they do and realized that I really have no "real" passions. I mean dance is like blah now a days I barely bust a move but yet still can't stay still when I hear a beat. No matter how much you love something there is ALWAYS someone better out there or just a step ahead of you, which sucks by the way. I wish I was a little more artsy. I need some motivation. Being such a negative person doesn't help either. I need a passion!

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☆CUPCAKE♥™ said...

TWIN!!! You inspire me each day... no matter what you need to get back on your feet and put your heart into dancin and writin like you do... YOU MAKE ME SMILE.. Knowin i have you as MY twin makes each day better