Friday, July 10, 2009

Kill the taste..

My feelings are so crisp and clear like the air they're always there u can't see them but you sure can feel them and breathe em and possibly need em. Your grey hairs are only just a color. Draining your eye sockets out are obscene your just the one to cause a big scene...

Your frail unrealistic gesture towards me as a root a source to your everyday needs, I beg to plead that you and your entrapment take a trip. Escape, climb over a few bricks and come to a conclusion that she is only a delusion and that your heart is full of illusions. It's all an error we could never be harmonious.

Your different plans of attack are poorly written and are truly unconvincing as they will continue to be. Please don't try to enforce your opinions on me for she will not open her eyes or ears to listen to your nonsense, face it your much to basic. And no she is not "mean" as word to mouth goes around. Your just a waste of life claiming your pretty profound. We do not feel bad for your Foolish mistakes. I'm the cancer you never wanted to hear about I am life's biggest gamble that venomous stake.


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