Monday, December 29, 2008


She knows what she does wrong
She knows that she is losing people as we speak blogspot.
She knows that she is aloneranger in this world.
She doesn't need to be reminded off the bullshit bc she already knows.
She know that everyone hates her && her behavior.
She know the people that have once been there...are packing their bags && giving up.
But one thing she doesn't know is whyy the waterworks this time?
Is today a special day?
Why when she said Man up they weren't listening to her which angered her even more..and brought them on stronger & faster. She souldn't control them which was upsetting.
Why does everything she touch turn to dust?
Why can't people just approve of people for who they are and how they are?
She's tired of living like this. And frankly they are tired of her living like this also.
They have no idea her pain..her misery. Thats why she isolates herslef from the world.
She lives on her own island..only comes to shore at times..but other than that she stays on that island.
The new ones that fall into her trap have no idea whats the deal. They are not ready for the roller coaster & so some may stand on the line but are not very patient so they get off and go to another ride. Some stand on the line get to the front and then they don't want to ride the roller coaster anymore. Some stand on the line get to the front get on the roller coaster and lose all their excitement bc the ride isn't what they expected. Then there are those that stand on that line for hours until they reach the top..they sit in the front the roller coaster to really experience the thrill and they love it. They rwant to ride that roller coaster over and over until their thrill is no longer there.

-Tears do really dry on their own

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