Friday, December 5, 2008

December's bbq bacon shrimp

My life?

Living the life as a teen. Making moves. Chillin. Uh procrastinating.' Today finally seen & spoke to the God moms after 2wks. We went out to jersey me her & her moms...went to Bloomingdale's to pick up her coat. She actually walked out with two...&& me I just have to order my monclerr&Juicy online loll. Um after bloomys we went to TGIFridays...funny huh bc today is Friday?? [laughs to self] :shrugs shoulders: yea so I ordered the BBQ bacon shrimp came with onion rings & mashed potatoes...but I said FRIES! BBQ BACON SHRIMP IS LIVE. loll Grandma Mable ordered some broccoli

December's agenda;

December 6-Hair dresser...
December 9th&10th-Dance practice
December 13th- Urban Legends team Meeting
December 16th &17th-Last Dance practice b4 show
December 19th- My BEAUTIFUL twins BDAY!!!
December 22nd-Leslie Bday + Stefan Bday
December 23th-Last day of Sko_Ol & SHOW!!!

------> (-_-)ZzZz

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☆CUPCAKE♥™ said...

Y is mah bday not on your agenda?