Friday, December 12, 2008

Awaken Coma..

So She sleeps away her life
Every time she has a certain feeling
Her emotions are so backed up
She will definitely crack one day like a pair of Og's
&& she doesn't find anything wrong with it
But her friend says its dangerous
Why should she be awake && suffer?
So she might as well turn to death?
Her tears are angry
They are backed up as well
They form in her eyes but never have a chance to live
Lol who gives a fcuk?
They don't care bout her
They only pretend && try to bribe her
with their "LOVE" && "AFFECTION"
No they do not know whats goin on in her head.
NO they do not know what it feels like
living in her shoes everyday
She tries to apperciate.
She trys to express...but whats the deal with this expressionism?
She does not really believe in anythingg but sleeping.
She sleeps away her troubles && doesn't find anything wrong with it..
When she's a sleep she doesn't miss out.
Sleeping is an she sleeps away her life?
Midlife crisis...ahhhh =/
-Do not judge a book by its cover

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