Sunday, December 28, 2008


I Lametrius Ollie white...will kill someone in the future && get away with murder. Possibly going on a killing spree? :D

OK so there is this young girl.
A lot of people call her Metri.
She is a nice looking girl.
But in reality she is all fucked up in the brain.
What runs thru her head?
aha if only u all knew.....
She will need professional help in the future..
She has a SERIOUS emotional problem.
Sometimes she has these random mood swings that she doesn't understand
But when she is to deep within there is no way of regaining their good sides.
They all HATE her for this...&& she doesn't really cares.
Just the fear about it sometimes that scares
She doesn't even remember who she is at the moment.
They all HATE her...that's great. She feeds off their hate..
She soaks in all their hate..their confusion..their anger..and
Like rays from the sun....she grows and grows off all this energy that surrounds her.
Her thoughts get more complicated.
So complicated that she is speaking another language
She can't understand herself.
Who is she?
"Will someone bring Lametrius her meds..she forgot to take them today."


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Mookie said...

I would like to get to know you.
So let me know as soon as you find out who you are hun.