Sunday, January 2, 2011

i am the hate. the biggest denigrate. misinformed madness, she has no faith. they have no love. she has no trust. they'll look pass her eyes and continue the fuss. the bust down hoes, high heels, and low pride. money money rump shaker, tears burnt up inside. laying there wishing it'll all come to an end. dreaming of redemption for this life of sin. sinister eyes yes we all like to pray. sleeping with anger and guilt everyday. promotion promotion they'll find new ways, to enter her chamber of organs left astray. timid torrents balled up into a fist. life-sucking leeches making folks sick. spiritual molecules dwelling up inside. shirley temples of pleasure and joysticks for the ride. directions are obscure because really knows. but how can we see shit, whilst in plain clothes. many moons, moods, and all types of motivation. nomadic memories with none type of relations. calculate calculate it all down to a factor, for children were born free but enslaved right after. just-us, just-us remember that pin? keep trying to escape but boomeranged back in. selfish sacrifice, middle finger in the air. struck down from heaven what a precious solitaire.

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