Saturday, January 8, 2011

2am keen eye.

Serene scene.

Gaze into oblivion sky's, for the beholder lays in thy pupils eyes. The eyes: window to the soul in which the deepest of hallow beliefs live and die in the cornea. Oh how dead beat dreams live to corner ya...

Raisin in the sun basking in thy honey dew, we baked away. We were ready to slit our wrist after falling in love beneath an apple tree. Leaves piled high above our heads, squirrels danced around our magnetic aura. Our dreams were hallucinations. We were tripping in and out of our world and theirs. People chose not to comprehend so they started demolishing our dreams. Destruction began and our little bit of happiness crumbled quick, quick,quickly...

As I lay me down to sleep, I pray our souls try to reach. That place where we were once filled with glee, eternal sunshine on top of we. If we die before we wake, I pray for ever lasting slumber underneath the apple tree for heaven's sake!

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