Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit of Happiness.

Late night texting with a friend has lead me to write this...

"No one makes me angry, I love the feeling of being happy. Don't you?" That was her question to me that triggered my mind, thoughts and emotional reactions. Anytime I here, see, or read about this 'HAPPY' word I'm on edge because it upsets me how foreign this word is to me. "I wouldn't know what that feels like because most of the time I'm just this negative depressed person." my response. People don't know these different sides of me. Hey isn't life all about the pursuit of happiness? I envy happy people. How can one be happy all the time? or How can people appear to be happy all the time? I want to change but it's hard to when you cant. I TRY to pretend but I don't believe myself...& it isn't genuine at all..

I know I know I talk in circles. Same topics popping up like lil mama & ish. I apologize.

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