Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let it Flow...

I have to use the bathroom but I don't feel like getting up
It's about 5am & the news says it's about 51degrees right about now
The weather is supposed to start off sunny and then the sky shall be covered with clouds in the late afternoon
I'm not even tired well maybe a little bit but I don't feel like going to sleep just yet maybe after this posts im up watching my twitter timeline im not tweeting I feel no urge in tweeting now a days really well since a couple months ago when my phone was stolen bleblahblue I am also on Tumblr I made my tumblr back in June or May '09 and I never really used it only to reblog people shit and that's what I do now really or write quotes lyrics mainly from songs that im listening to at the moment b/c im always listening to music it's apart of keeping my heart pumpinggg err day oh yea back to tumblr there is this really annoying person on there that just reblogs pics and posts dumb shit just so people could reblog their shit or so people could like their shit like sit down gosh it's annoying i feel like unfollowing them but im such a nice person damn im such a nice person i can't be mean really only to certain people I guess but idk im not going into details I just hate mean things done to nice people maybe i just hate mean things idk im bipolar one minute im ok the next im depressed as fcuk like come on shits annoying i need help i know i do I've mentioned it plenty times before but w.e. I don't even know why im even typing this but w.e. music is playing and this dude has the AC on like come on I cant stop scratching my head it needs to be washed or maybe i need to grease my scalp i hate grease its so heavy i don't even take care of my hair oh and myself hamburgers i eat to many hamburgers but they are so goooood gosh its cold and i still have to use to the bathrooom I still want to disappear idk sometimes i dont want to have any friends and be left alone but i get lonely in my room sometimes I've always been the 'only' child writing in my notebook is what keeps me sane like I've menttioned before oh and this phone I guess ok im going to get up and use the bathroom and fall asleep finally maybe i hope that person stopped on tumblr...

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