Monday, February 9, 2009

Spilling the beans...

  • So I realized that it's time to tell you guys alittle positive facts about METRI;
  • She is out of this world. Loves to put on a show for whomever is watching. She will make you laughhhhhh. She will have u missing her..even if it's just one convo trust ;).
  • Dare Devil!!
  • After that first encounter with metri you become cassie lol.
    Omg she dancessss a lot. It's her dream to make it big =(.
    She just felt like spilling some beans..
  • Listening to;
    Use Your Love- Katy Perry [thanks to frio : ) ]

    ***this goes out to all the homies...and the new homies..


Mookie said...
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urban couture said...

yep alwys here to give music.'

"you know i like my boys a little bit older" <33 true that!