Sunday, February 1, 2009

Corona & lime.

Hummm. Where do I start. Wellthe other night I've had unexpected Great convos with people till the early Morning. I love it when a conversation just keeps flowing. Mookie <33, giftofGAB, && Dominic.

Well Yesturday Party with the girlies. Started off good...ended with drama. But what party doesn't end with drama? lol well What party with NEGROS doesn't end with drama. Someone left the party leaking. I was especially proud of myself for not touching a drink...cept for corona[yuck] but it prevented me from the Goose that get u loose and the heny & jello shots...

They were all tempting but I retained myself.

-Happy New Year


Mookie said...

im proud of you you too.
Coronas are good, 6 pack all day.

the flowing convo was great

☆CUPCAKE♥™ said...

Corona&lime I'll be your main squeeze =]

urban couture said...


goosee <333333
and my henny was spilling everywhere smh...
and you DID drink so dont act all God sent n shit