Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mistake much?

You ever thought you meet someone new and they're just really something different? Your unsure of feeling sat first but then you've grown attached to this person & oh Gosh you HATE getting attached to people. You hate opening up for people. All that feelings crap is just ugh annoying so yo rather keep to yourself. Until you've met that one person you're so comfortable with. Those dark secrets you have buried deep within your memories are now resurrected. Things you pledged to oneself you would never share with anyone else but oneself. Man oh Man as time progresses things always changing and therefore people are constantly changing. That person you once admired is nowcategorized and put into a folder shoved in a draw somewhere. I really thought you were someone different. Well, Something different. A part from the flesh we're covered in, your mind could look pass it all. I just don't understand. whatever im done.

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