Sunday, August 8, 2010

cuddle fuddle.

I love feeling the sun shine down and grace my skin with Vitamin D. I hate when it’s too hot outside. I love the warm summer nights & the warm summer rain. As I’m writing these things I haven’t been outside in a couple days. For the past two days I would take a shower lather up and get dressed. Work on this nest sitting upon my head and get dressed. Getting dressed is where I stop. After I just sit around in my clothes or stare out the window observing the animals and people. (There are like a billion stray cats in my area now.) Uh I’m thinking these thoughts and trying to persuade myself you can step foot outside today all you have to do is get your ipod and be on your way. BUT like my weight my emotions are constantly fluctuating. It’s really annoying. Sometimes I don’t like moving until I have to. I give up on a lot of things before even trying.

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