Monday, February 8, 2010


This is I.
It is a little past 5am & my emotions are running wild. (What's new?)
'Emotions are fickle' -Joey & guess what I am a cancer as well. Does this really justify my behavior? Indeed it does. We are some Bi-Polar ass creatures so our emotional balance is constantly at Sea Level. I am here. These are my fingers & I am typing. These are my words that I am writing. (at the moment in time) Maybe I just believe that this current state that I am in right now to be the truth? Anyone knows what the truth is? Honestly. I'm just rambling some mumbo jumbo. Sometimes while lying in bed early mornings I can feel my soul trying to escape, but it doesn't go very far. There are a lot of things I wonder. I'm constantly thinking but I tend to keep my thoughts to myself or confide to my notebook. My notebook. Yes it's one of two things that really keep me sane. Music is my other form of therapy. It really keeps me from pleading insanity.
'Confined by four walls
my notebook I bare all,
my pillow my tears fall,
my mind my thoughts crawl...'
I've shed a numerous amount of tears over these pass few months. I find myself shedding tears more & more. Day by day. This is what happens when cookies crumble. This is what happens when the whole world is blind & everyone fails to see. Every one's expectations & doings are not that of their own. What's best for this country isn't always what's best for the Next Country. I'm unsure of life at the moment but I'm sure you are sure. Right?
People really don't understand how much I hate this materialistic, Judgemental ass world. How much I wish to disappear. How much I wish to change things & people but can't? We all are born to die. What's the point of pushing individualism if their words constantly bashing her?


Nico said...

I love this post. Seriously I understand completely what you're saying. I wish there was a way to save people. The whole thing about your soul trying to escape... wow. This was some real talk. One day people will see what we see.

O_O said...

=) ahhh thanks Nico. People need to wake up now!!