Tuesday, June 30, 2009


She walks with a smile, which quickly turns to a frown, everything in mind just sinks down, closer to the ground, further from the sky and the lime light.
Her fears set in, her mind goes off the wall, all the time in the world was always set wrong.
She has a drink in one hand, a L in the other, getting cut off from the world, from people she considered mother?
They curse and depress her for disrespecting their authority, but these bitches aren't shit she says where the fuck is the maturity?
Stuck in a box, body on thin ice, one wrong move, will send her into a coma, possibly death if u ask the world.
She walks with a smile nearly day and nearly night and her illegal actions and promiscuous ways are only the beginning to a tragic ending.

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☆CUPCAKE♥™ said...

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