Monday, March 2, 2009

Sneaker Con Recap

Yesturday March 1st Sneaker Con came to NYC at the Time Square Arts Center. The event went pretty well besides the overcrowding at one point and the standing in line for what seemed like hours (not really like 20minutes) lol. There were Vendors everywhere with plenty of exclusive kicks and clothes. Of course I was with F..&E Clothing && KEROK KICKZ which was teamed up for u Retro,Og Jays and Sb lovers and of course the main feature the Clothing line. While jamming to the beat people got to to buy sell and trade their heat. HA! Plenty of networking. Met a lot of great people. Can't wait for the next event.

Here are some of the photos captured from my friends camera.

OutSide Online.

Lines were Deep.

Big Turn Out
lol Looking lost
KicksButt ^_^
Baby heat

Kerok Kickz & Allah

Kerok Kickz && F..&EClothing Table.
Buy the Crew Neck by F..&E Clothing.
Luis Jordan and Devante.
Sneaker Con 09.

DunkXChange in 3wks. March 28th. See u there. =]

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